My passion is to make visible stories that build deeper connections. I’m a researcher, visual analyst  and communications professional specializing in non-profit, social change and arts sectors. I fine-tuned my campaigning skills as a graduate student majoring in Media, Campaigning and Social Change with the University of Westminster, London after encountering political art during my undergraduate studies in Art History at the University of Washington, Seattle.

My writing and professional practice is grounded in the ideas that: Art is a form of Communication; Every moment of Communication is an opportunity to create a world with less violence; Public space is a stage; Freedom is obtainable; and Limitations are real.

Before this I was a performance artist working with the body to communicate about gender equity to the backdrop of Hardcourt Bike Polo, a competitive male-dominated mixed-gender sport. 

Currently, I’m a social media manager with Cambodian Living Arts and work as a freelance arts and culture writer.

Views expressed on this website are my own.