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I Know What Will HappenSouth Seattle Emerald | April 2022 Soup for Breakfast in Prek Kat VillageThe Stilt House Zine | 2021Cambodian American Literary Arts Association

Bike Polo, Performance Art, Feminist action

A Conversation between Danielle Khleang and Bernadette Watts. Hardcourt Bike Polo is an international sport that only a handful of people in the world play. It has its roots in late 1990s Seattle bike messenger culture. I like to describe it as hockey meeting BMX on a tennis court with three aside. This bewildering game…

Achar and The Rise: A Batia Sarem Gallery Review

Entering Batia Sarem Gallery, the interior of the renovated Khmer house was indiscernible from any other white cube influenced space. I moved through Theanly CHOV’s exhibition, The Rise (2020), following the wall from right to left. The exhibition featured oil paintings created between 2017 and 2019 from CHOV’s series, Surviving. Rich in color and expression, CHOV’s representation…

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